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Sexual Orientation:single

Bands:rx bandits,thursday,co & ca,mighty mighty bosstones,less than jake,the early november,etc.
Movies:the breakfast club,almost famous,waynes world
Books:love and death(the murder of kurt cobain)
Place to be:ohio
Things to do:play guitar,hang out with friends

Least Favorite
Bands:the white stripes,simple plan
Relative: my obsessively christian uncle
Brand of cereal:life (i don't know why)
Subject: math

Tell us...
a joke:wats the worst part about eating vegitables?...putting them back in their wheelchair when your done
An interesting story: so i was masturbating in the IHOP yesterday,and who walks in but george fucking clooney....lol sorry but seriously hmmmm.....well there was one time i was at this concert with some friends and we started a mosh...well me being the skiniest kid on earth,each time i got hit i would fly about ten feet,also a friends shirt got tornfrom the sleeve down and another friend got punched in the nose which made it slant qiute a bit
Why you should be accepted: i probably shouln't i'm not that interesting
Why you don't like/like yourself: i don't like myself because i'm too shy

Your thoughts on..
Gay marriage: really what is so bad about a guy liking a guy or a girl liking a girl and also we're in a fuckin war and all we're are worrying about is that its soooo """wrong""" for someone to marry another person of the same sex
George Bush: he can die for all i care george bush needs to keep his mind set on one thing at a time not "america is now in a war whith afghanistan....no sorry iraq...but before we do tht we should cause more discrimination by banning gay marriage"
Gun Control: the world would be better without guns
Animal Testing: there are two sides....its completely wrong,.....but then again it could save millions of lives......i really dont know where to stand on this

And lastly...
A picture of yourself:sorry but my rich text is not working for some reason
Something that will make us laugh(no nudity, please): " "
At least two places you've promoted (link them, please):
Any last words? goodbye
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