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[07 Nov 2006|04:14am]

Friday, November 17th
Ska and Reggae on tour from Canada
The Expos, One Night Band, Chasing Trinity, The Uplifters, Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes
The El N Gee Club - New London, CT
Doors at 7

Seriously, if you live in the area, come on out. The El n Gee is this cute little club that just reopened, it's a really nice venue to have ska shows. Come see awesome bands at an awesome venue and meet awesome people.
Like me :)
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xcgdfgdfgdfUGHH [09 Aug 2005|02:41am]

if i could remember the password for this community, i would delete it.
someone help me out here.
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[05 Jul 2005|09:08am]

promoCollapse )
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[08 May 2005|12:27am]

APPLICATION Name: Eric O’Neil Age: 17 Location: West Hills, Ca Sexual Orientation: straight Favorite Bands: operation ivy, my chemical romance, the used, big D and the kids table, less than jake, taking back Sunday, catch 22, reel big fish, aquabats, senses fail, mad caddies, rancid, brand new, anti-flag, misfits, mighty mighty boss tones, bad religion, thrice, finch, sex pistols, rx bandits, pennywise, sublime, the clash, ramones, nofx, dropkick murphys, choking victim, floggin molly, bouncing souls, the list goes on lol Movies: ace ventura, dumb and dumber (jim carrey is the shit), Harold and kumar go to white castle, jay and silent bob strike back, Books: the only books I read that wernt required for school were harry potter series and lord of the rings Place to be: concerts, hangin with friends Things to do: throw my dogs shit at my neighbors house (not using my hands), golf (don’t laugh!) listen to music, be with friends Foods: everything that’s bad for you Least Favorite Bands: there is always something I like in every band but…I cant stand dashboard Movies: the village Relative: none. God I love those beaners Brand of cereal: anything that doesn’t give me cavities (even though I have none) Subject: chemistry Tell us... a joke: what 3 things cant you give a black guy 1) fat lip 2) black eye 3) a job. (no offense, I love the brothas!) An interesting story: I was in a parking lot and a bum came up to me and asked me if I had any change. I told him that I would give him a few bucks if he did something way tight. The next moment he busted out his unit and pissed on the car parked next to mine. Probably the best dollar I ever spent. Why you should be accepted: I think im a pretty cool kid Why you don't like/like yourself: don’t- I can be jealous at times. Do- people can trust me, and I can make people laugh. Your thoughts on.. Gay marriage: its gravy. But it would kinda suck when u get picked up from school by two dads and whatnot. But its all good. George Bush: meh Gun Control: hmmm, I think its good to have a gun in case of like robberies and stuff but then again if there were no guns then you wouldn’t need one in the first place. So guns= bad Animal Testing: I think it sucks, but if its for a good cause like curing cancer, diabetes, aids etc then its ok. And lastly... A picture of yourself: Something that will make us laugh(no nudity, please): At least two places you've promoted (link them, please): havent. Im new to all this Any last words? Say yes!i hope this worksCollapse )
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Application! [09 Apr 2005|12:58am]

Application WithinCollapse )
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[04 Mar 2005|12:36am]

poor dead little community.

i feel bad.
and partly responsible for this.
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stamped [09 Jan 2005|03:58pm]

[ mood | horny ]

UNGH SEXCollapse )

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[09 Jan 2005|01:30am]

new plan:

if you apply here.
1. you should use an lj cut.
2. you should not suck.

you guys like my superamazingfantabulous new rules.. as of now.

secondly, we need to see applications from:

it's super cool to read the rules first.
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[07 Jan 2005|09:05pm]

I made yet another journal. captainskank

Should I fill out another app? lol.
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[05 Jan 2005|10:59pm]


spread it like a disease.
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[04 Jan 2005|11:52pm]

i think i got rid of the kid that didn't get the hint the first 20 times.
just goes to show how stupid and immature some people can be.

happy new year everyone.

OHOH and we are currently trying to think of some way to make this community better.
EVEN if it means i have to promote my ass off.
and i hate promoting.

thoughts anyone?
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[01 Jan 2005|02:26am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

what we need right now is loveCollapse )APPLICATION
Sexual Orientation:single

Bands:rx bandits,thursday,co & ca,mighty mighty bosstones,less than jake,the early november,etc.
Movies:the breakfast club,almost famous,waynes world
Books:love and death(the murder of kurt cobain)
Place to be:ohio
Things to do:play guitar,hang out with friends

Least Favorite
Bands:the white stripes,simple plan
Relative: my obsessively christian uncle
Brand of cereal:life (i don't know why)
Subject: math

Tell us...
a joke:wats the worst part about eating vegitables?...putting them back in their wheelchair when your done
An interesting story: so i was masturbating in the IHOP yesterday,and who walks in but george fucking clooney....lol sorry but seriously hmmmm.....well there was one time i was at this concert with some friends and we started a mosh...well me being the skiniest kid on earth,each time i got hit i would fly about ten feet,also a friends shirt got tornfrom the sleeve down and another friend got punched in the nose which made it slant qiute a bit
Why you should be accepted: i probably shouln't i'm not that interesting
Why you don't like/like yourself: i don't like myself because i'm too shy

Your thoughts on..
Gay marriage: really what is so bad about a guy liking a guy or a girl liking a girl and also we're in a fuckin war and all we're are worrying about is that its soooo """wrong""" for someone to marry another person of the same sex
George Bush: he can die for all i care george bush needs to keep his mind set on one thing at a time not "america is now in a war whith afghanistan....no sorry iraq...but before we do tht we should cause more discrimination by banning gay marriage"
Gun Control: the world would be better without guns
Animal Testing: there are two sides....its completely wrong,.....but then again it could save millions of lives......i really dont know where to stand on this

And lastly...
A picture of yourself:sorry but my rich text is not working for some reason
Something that will make us laugh(no nudity, please): " "
At least two places you've promoted (link them, please):
Any last words? goodbye

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[20 Dec 2004|06:53pm]

please disregard the asswipe that needs to go die.
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PROMOTION! [19 Dec 2004|08:01pm]

[ mood | cold ]

If you would join, that sure would be nifty :)

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[19 Dec 2004|10:50am]

I was formally shadesxofxred or spreadxthexrad, whichever was the last one I posted on here with. Do I have to fill out another application?</span>
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Oi [07 Dec 2004|11:20am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Wow, I've been outta the LJ community hype for a while.

Anyways, this is x_rudegirl I got a new username. ::Shrugs:: I kinda...completely forgot I was in this place. Heh.</b></a></a></b></a>

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WIthdrawal [05 Dec 2004|09:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

Does anybody know of any rad concerts or shows to be in So-Cal in the near future???? I would like to go to a show, but I dont know of any around here. So I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

I< 3 //\\// I) I2 /-\

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[05 Dec 2004|05:05pm]

read the rules.
use an lj cut.

end of story.

secondly, we have been lazy. i'm going to go add all the new members to the front page. i was thinking of having the 100x100 pictures up there as well. so, put the pictures as a comment on this post. thanks.

<3. Dani
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stamped. [30 Nov 2004|07:12pm]

I'm not voting anymore until people learn how to use el-jay cuts.

Sorry for any inconvenience?
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yay. [30 Nov 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Location: Woodland Hills
Sexual Orientation: straight

Bands: reel big fish, the spill canvas, something corporate, yellowcard, less than jake
Movies: dumb & dumber, The notebook
Books: the crucible.
Place to be: out with friends...anywhere.
Things to do: mall, music, friends, or home.
Foods: mac & cheese, garlic mashed potatoes mmmmm.

Least Favorite
Bands: i respect all music but,...Rammstein
Movies: nothing really.
Relative: awww no one.
Brand of cereal: LIFE
Subject: History

Tell us...
a joke: knock knock...come in.
An interesting story: Everytime i go to concerts moshes magically form with me in the middle and i`m like 5'1'' so i get all scared and run out. why me?
Why you should be accepted: kuz i`m tight like that...and this is my first community AND i promote you guys.
Why you don't like/like yourself: eh? i like myself. i`m not suicidal, thnx.

Your thoughts on..
Gay marriage: let them be! who cares? it`s not affecting you.
George Bush: ew....just ew.
Gun Control: well 85% of all ppl owning guns commit suicide with THAT gun...plus, killing anything is retarded..hence me being a vegetarian :)
Animal Testing: stay away! i love animals.

And lastly...
A picture of yourself:
Something that will make us laugh(no nudity, please):
At least two places you've promoted (link them, please): ________rad , skemo_core (dunno how 2 link :/)
Any last words? nope nope.

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