orange soda (icallitbullshit) wrote in skemo_core,
orange soda

APPLICATION Name: Eric O’Neil Age: 17 Location: West Hills, Ca Sexual Orientation: straight Favorite Bands: operation ivy, my chemical romance, the used, big D and the kids table, less than jake, taking back Sunday, catch 22, reel big fish, aquabats, senses fail, mad caddies, rancid, brand new, anti-flag, misfits, mighty mighty boss tones, bad religion, thrice, finch, sex pistols, rx bandits, pennywise, sublime, the clash, ramones, nofx, dropkick murphys, choking victim, floggin molly, bouncing souls, the list goes on lol Movies: ace ventura, dumb and dumber (jim carrey is the shit), Harold and kumar go to white castle, jay and silent bob strike back, Books: the only books I read that wernt required for school were harry potter series and lord of the rings Place to be: concerts, hangin with friends Things to do: throw my dogs shit at my neighbors house (not using my hands), golf (don’t laugh!) listen to music, be with friends Foods: everything that’s bad for you Least Favorite Bands: there is always something I like in every band but…I cant stand dashboard Movies: the village Relative: none. God I love those beaners Brand of cereal: anything that doesn’t give me cavities (even though I have none) Subject: chemistry Tell us... a joke: what 3 things cant you give a black guy 1) fat lip 2) black eye 3) a job. (no offense, I love the brothas!) An interesting story: I was in a parking lot and a bum came up to me and asked me if I had any change. I told him that I would give him a few bucks if he did something way tight. The next moment he busted out his unit and pissed on the car parked next to mine. Probably the best dollar I ever spent. Why you should be accepted: I think im a pretty cool kid Why you don't like/like yourself: don’t- I can be jealous at times. Do- people can trust me, and I can make people laugh. Your thoughts on.. Gay marriage: its gravy. But it would kinda suck when u get picked up from school by two dads and whatnot. But its all good. George Bush: meh Gun Control: hmmm, I think its good to have a gun in case of like robberies and stuff but then again if there were no guns then you wouldn’t need one in the first place. So guns= bad Animal Testing: I think it sucks, but if its for a good cause like curing cancer, diabetes, aids etc then its ok. And lastly... A picture of yourself: Something that will make us laugh(no nudity, please): At least two places you've promoted (link them, please): havent. Im new to all this Any last words? Say yes!
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